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The Sweat Life Team Retreat 2018 -- Brya

Ready for Change?

Transform from the Inside Out

I help busy, burnt out women stop

X going through the motions

putting their own health & needs last

spreading themselves too thin

saying "someday" to their dreams!

I help busy, burnt out women start:

living intentionally

prioritizing health, inside and out

honoring needs & desires

stepping into full potential

thriving in life!

Transformation Mentorship

Do you feel like... are just going through the motions? are stuck or spinning your wheels?'ve tried to move forward on your own, but aren't seeing the results you want? need extra support and accountability?'re made for more?

I am here to help you...

...get clear on your goals.

...strengthen your mindset.

...overcome fears and blocks that hold you back.

...create habits that will last for the long term. towards your dream life.

Tell me about your goals in the form below, or schedule a discovery call!

The Sweat Life Team Retreat 2018 -- Brya

Become a Fitness & Nutrition Client

Think group fitness--but on your own time!

Need resources? I am here to pair you with a fitness program, meal guide, and supplements to help you reach your goals! You will be plugged into my virtual accountability group where we will dive into MINDSET content, learn about nutrition to build sustainable habits, do live virtual workouts, cultivate community, and of course--have giveaways!

I check in with my clients at least once per week, but you are able to contact me any time!

The Sweat Life Team Retreat 2018 -- Brya
The Sweat Life Team Retreat 2018 -- Brya

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Interview with Thriving Coach Client - Lauren Stackpole

Interview with Thriving Coach Client - Lauren Stackpole

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Coaching Impact

Coaching Impact

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We Are Team Sweat Life Dynasty

We Are Team Sweat Life Dynasty

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Why Coaching? My Story

Why Coaching? My Story

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The Sweat Life Team Retreat 2018 -- Brya

Learn About Lauren Stackpole

About Lauren Stackpole

Lauren Stackpole is passionate about about helping others reach their goals! Promoting health and wellness is her priority. She helps her clients and coaches transform their mindset to create healthy habits that will last! She is here to go on the journey WITH you, welcome you into her community, and help you transform from the inside out! Mindset is incredibly important when it comes to creating lasting change, which is why she also offers private life coaching, started her podcast, and develops mindset programs.

Lauren was born in Haiti and grew up and resides in Ohio, USA. She was active her whole life participating in gymnastics, basketball, and then becoming a runner. Lauren ran cross country and track in college, where she met her husband. Together they have three young girls. Lauren is a Family Nurse Practitioner as well and loves caring for her patients. 

Lauren is a remarkable person and leader. I admire how much she puts herself out there for her team. She is truly an amazingly authentic person that I am so thankful to have 'met'"

Renee (online client)

Thank you for being such a wonderful coach. Not only for pushing me mentally and physically, but also being a positive Christian influence <3"

Sarah (coach mentorhip)

Your group was really awesome! I love your honesty and positivity!! I am kind of surprised how much has changed--my energy has improved tremendously, and I've actually been getting up before the kids which is a really huge deal for me!

Anthea (online client)


Interested in working with Lauren?

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Coaching Interest Form

Tell me more about you and your goals!

We can discuss how to work with me or what resources would best support you.

I teach on mindset, goal setting, and habit formation. We will individualize a plan for you based on your needs and budget.

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