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Social Media Break

A little over to months ago, I signed out of my social media apps and deleted them from my phone... here's what happened:

  • My screen time cut in half

  • I felt less distracted/more present with my family

  • My anxiety decreased

  • I got more sleep

  • I start my days with more intention

  • I have more emotional energy

It can be healthy to take a step back, consume less content, and spend more time just being. Being fully present with those around you. Being alone with your thoughts. Being available for those in your life.

Setting boundaries can always be a challenge. I encourage you to assess if your current social media consumption/strategy is working for you. Do you need to set more strict boundaries/hours around your usage? Do you need to take a step back or a break? Could you benefit from anything I listed above?

If you give it a try, I'd be interested to hear your own take-aways from the experience. To hear a bit more, listen to my Social Media Break Podcast episode

I'll continue to come out with episodes as I am inspired--topics, training, meditations, etc. Have a topic you'd like to hear about? Questions about your health, goals, routine, mindset, etc? Don't hesitation to reach out

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