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"Must be nice..." I remember thinking

I remember scrolling Instagram one night several years ago. I followed several women on social media who were living life on their own terms. They worked when they wanted to, travelled frequently, and what I noticed the most--they looked so darn happy.

Here I was working 60+ hour weeks, missing my family every other weekend, studying in all of my free time, and my relationships were strained. I felt like I had NO free time to myself... I was burnt out and exhausted. I rolled my eyes at people who spoke about positivity or personal development.

"Must be nice..." I would think. How silly that these people had time to think about what brought them joy or spend time relaxing. Shouldn't they be working? Shouldn't they be grinding away?

I was caught in a mindset that thought I had to CONSTANTLY be busy achieving and doing. But guess what? No one was giving me award for being the busiest. There is no celebration for being tired and spread too thin. I learned that the hard way.

I had finally had enough when I watched as these women went on a "work trip" to Vegas while I was sitting down at my desk after a 12 hour hospital shift to crack open my pharmacology textbook. There has got to be more for me than this, I thought.

So I started reading and listening to leaders in the personal development space. My mind was blown. My world opened up! I started to take ownership of the fact that everything on my plate was there because I said yes to it. I realized that I was in control of my life...that no one was coming to save me. I need to be my own hero.

Because of that, I am SO passionate about teaching the lessons I have learned to others. I want you to know the fast track. I want to give you the help that I needed so desperately back then so you can live a life you love, feel in control, and leave old patterns behind. It's time to create real, lasting change in your life!!

My Heart Work Bootcamp kicks off 2/8/2021. I want you there with us.

Use code HEART for $100 off!

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