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"Mom, why do you have to work?"

What a loaded question. One, I don't HAVE to work. I CHOOSE to work. I am BLESSED to be able to work. I have patients relying on me to send in their prescriptions and tell them their lab results. I have clients who have questions about their fitness, nutrition, and mindset. I have coaches who need advice about their businesses. I have content I want to create that can serve my audience.

I want to show my girls what hard work looks like. That they can create anything their heart desires. That they can change the world! I work because I feel called to share my heart with the world. I work to increase my earnings so I can have more time with my family, donate to causes I am passionate about, and fund projects. I believe God gave me a huge dream because He will bring it to fruition. I honor that by showing up every day. I show up imperfectly. I make mistakes. Sometimes I don't give it my all. Sometimes it's messy. But I keep showing up! I learn as I fail forward. I grow a little more each day--into a better leader, woman, and mother. I work for so so many reasons, little one.

"So that we can go to the Disney Castle!" I reply. When I have enough saved to take our family on this vacation and I see her eyes light up...the long days will be worth it. This goal she can visualize. This keeps it simple. My hope is that someday she sees the bigger picture too!

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