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Healthy Habits Training Day Two: Healthy Habits

Today let's focus on the actions that will build a healthy, fulfilling life. Health involves many areas; today we'll cover mental health, hydration, nutrition, exercise, and rest. Watch the video, and then answer the prompts below!

1) What area of your health needs to be a priority for you in this season?

2) What small action can you take today in this area that you KNOW you can successfully complete?

3) When will you add this new habit to your routine? Schedule it now so it is an appointment with yourself.

4) Tell someone in your life what you're committing to! (or in our Fit Club if you're in our community) Or simply tell me! Accountability is key.


If you could benefit from having extra fitness and nutrition resources, I'd be happy to get you set up with what you need. Simply email me ( about your goals and I can recommend what would be a good fit. Or if you know what you're looking for, my link to order/sign up is below. This will add you to my Fit Club community that I rave about. You'll receive endless support and encouragement!


Tomorrow we will discuss creating a lifestyle that is sustainable. I'm excited to keep learning and growing together!

-Your Coach Lauren

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