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Healthy Habits Training Day One: Mindset

Welcome to the NEW YEAR! I know how many of us have been waiting on this for quite some time. A fresh start feels healing and beautiful; it is much needed.

Let's focus on MINDSET for day one of this training. Mindset topics are beyond my favorite to teach because these daily practices have created impactful shifts in my life!! Check out the video, and then answer the prompts below.

After watching, ask yourself:

1) How would you currently rate your mindset in regards to your health and life overall? (1=terrible; 10=extremely positive)

2) What thoughts, ideas, realizations did you notice while meditating?

3) What are you grateful for today?

4) What affirmations does your heart need today?

If you'd like to use a hard copy of the Morning Routine Journal I created, here is the link to order:


Tomorrow we will discuss practical habits to include in your lifestyle. I am also hosting a New Years Intention Setting Event on Zoom on 12/2 @ 8:30 AM EST. If you're in my Fit Club, this is a free event (the link and password are in the Events section of the Facebook Group). If you are not in the FB community and would like to attend, it is only $5. Once payment is received, the link and password will be sent!

I'm excited to continue to learn and grow with you!!

-Your Coach Lauren

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