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Healthy Habits Day Three: Sustainable Lifestyle

Today will take you through how to implement healthy habits in a way that is sustainable! It's better to start simple and slowly than burn yourself out changing tons of things at once. I believe in real, lasting change. I do not advocate quick fixes or fad diets. You have to put in the work, and it'll be worth it for how you grow along the journey.

Focus on YOUR journey. Give yourself grace. Set goals specific to you. Decide you get to reach your goals. Enjoy the process. Listen to the training, and then follow the prompts below!

1) What goal do you have for yourself now?

2) What benchmarks can you celebrate along the way to this goal? How will you reward yourself?

3) What community can you plug into for support? Who can help keep you accountable?

4) What is your definition of success during this phase of your life and in these circumstances?


If you want to dive deeper, I'd be happy to work with you 1:1. I have 3 spots available this month for those that want to get clear on their goals, work on their mindset, build habits, and overcome fears/limiting beliefs that have held them back in the past.

My Life Coaching Clients Receive:

1:1 calls with me (amount varies for the time frame we will work together)

Unlimited email support

Video Trainings

Journal Prompts, Affirmations, Meditations

My Morning Routine Journal

Personal Development Book (relevant to your needs)

Fill out the form or Schedule your Discovery Call on my website. I can't wait to help you live a life you love!

You deserve to reach your goals.

Your dreams are there on purpose.

It's time to take action.

-Your Coach Lauren

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